Sadegh Seddighi earned his PhD in Energy Technology from Chalmers University of Technology and M.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, both in Sweden and B.Sc. of mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. He is an Associate Professor of mechanical engineering working in Toosi University of Technology and in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Sadegh has been serving in various executive roles such as university vice chancellor for research, university vice chancellor for international affairs, departmental head of industrial relations, Chalmers University doctoral student board member (representing department of energy and environment), energy conversion group head and project manager for more than 20 large-scale international projects.


Since year 2000 (after his B.Sc. graduation), Sadegh has been actively developing climate mitigation, green energy and environmental solutions through applied research on thermal fluid sciences, with a special focus on climate adaptation technologies, green and renewable energy technologies, decarbonizaiton of energy intensive industries, water and wastewater treatment and flue gas recovery systems. In his research, Sadegh focuses on improving the current and novel thermal fluid devices to maintain more sustainable technologies which are friendly to human health and earth environment.

Since 2009, Sadegh has worked on Metso and Fortum's joint development work on carbon capture technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emission from power generation. He is currently working on implementation of machine learning solutions for power generation, multiphase flows and emission reduction in industries. He has been developing water and waste water solutions for water-scarce MENA region and was awarded by the head of Department of Environment for construction of water recovery systems in several water intensive industries such as ceramic industries in that region. He has also been working with 100 kW unit in VTT (national research center of Finland) and 4 MW carbon capture ready of Valmet in Tampere, Finland in order to maintain clean energy solutions Northern Europe.  


Sadegh is the university vice chancellor for research, university board member for university internationalization committee, clean air association board member and associate professor of mechanical engineering. Sadegh has been also serving as delegate in International Energy Agency (IEA) from 2009 to 2014 providing solutions to green energy, climate change and adaptation and energy diversification in Europe.


Sadegh has been in charge of international research networks, teaching at the international master and PhD programs, managing capacity building for green technologies, and working in international research networks. He is a member of American Chemical Society (ACS) and has been publishing and reviewing in various ACS, Elsevier and MDPI journals. As university vice chancellor for international affairs, he has been actively managing collaborations with universities in various countries such as the Netherlands, France, Canada, Sweden, Spain and China. Most of such international research collaborations aim at knowledge dissemination, addressing cross-border challenges (especially for water, energy and health challenges), providing generic and global solutions for future human problems and having a social impact on the research practice for the public.




E-mail: sadeghsk@kth.se

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